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Beit El-Helm Award Ceremony

In the presence of UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador Donia Samir Ghanem, Wataneya for the Development of Orphanages along with MBC Hope and Drosos Foundation launched the 2nd Ceremony of “Beit El Helm” Award for the best institutional homes in Egypt. The ceremony took place on Tuesday the 30th of January at Marriott Zamalek. Ibrahim El-Kerdany hosted the ceremony. The award was given to 6 institutions from 4 different governorates.

School Program

The social inclusion of orphans from early age is one of the factors that affect their personality positively.  From here came the new concept of the School Program, in which each school adopts an orphanage. The School helps the orphanage apply the National Quality Standards through several activities implemented by both the students in the school and the orphanage.

Wataneya’s New Branding

Wataneya for the development of Orphanages launched the new brand identity that better matches who we are and what we do.  All our interventions stem from our mission to provide Quality of life for every. We at Wataneya believe that everyone plays a role in creating this environment directly and indirectly. We believe that it’s our responsibility as a community to provide orphans the quality of life they deserve and support them at every step of the way to become the best version of themselves.

Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Award

Wataneya Society for the Development of Orphanages in the Middle Enterprises Branch won the 2016-2017 First Prize for Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Award for Best Charity Performance in the Arab World.

Our Mission

Wataneya Society registered under the Ministry of Social Solidarity since 2008, aims to provide a safe and healthy environment for children and youth without parental care to ensure the "quality of life for every orphan".


Annual Report 2016

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Our partners

.We thank everyone who has believed in our vision: institutional homes, caregivers, orphans of children and youth, donors, partners, sponsors, schools and universities


What they say about Wataneya

“...   I think Wataneya Society is a role model of how NGOs should work. Wataneya put standards on how to work with professionalism ...”

Menna Ouf

AUC student Business Administration major

“... Passion and hard work are the secret behind success of this place. It's an honor for anyone to volunteer or work in Wataneya ...”

Taher Ali volunteer

A Volunteer

“... Forsa Youth Development Program is an  eye opening experience that will help you to discover yourself and learn new things ...”

Badr Mabrouk

One of Wataneya's Forsa Program Youth

“...  Wtaneya is making a lot of difference to orphans. I wish you continued success. God bless you ...”

Maha Allam

Founder and Manager of Bashaer El Fagr institutional home