Amaan Training Center (ATC)

Amaan Training Center was established to provide vocational trainings, tailored trainings, support and technical assessment for caregivers, and management.

By November 2012 Amaan Training Center has become the first internationally UK-certified training center specialized in childcare in Egypt. Being Pearson-certified, Amaan Training Center is authorized to offer Egypt’s first internationally-accredited vocational qualification in childcare: “BTEC Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Promoting Children’s Development,” the first of its kind in Egypt.

Pearson is an international awarding organization offering world-class academic and vocational qualifications to schools, colleges, and other places of learning in the UK. Pearson is recognised in more than 70 countries worldwide. In Egypt, Pearson works with leaders in the field of Academic Education and Vocational Qualification.




Trainings and Certificates:




Advanced Certificate in Promoting Children Development (Level 3)

It is the first internationally accredited vocational qualification by Pearson-Edexcel in promoting children development in Egypt and the Middle East.

The certificate is a 10 months work-related qualification (Saturday of each week), designed to provide learners with 3 main modules. Delivery of this certificate is in Arabic.  The first part focuses on mechanisms of objective observations based on specific values; Child rights in order to assess the children's circumstances and understanding and solving their problems, planning for enhancing the children abilities. The second part provides an overview on the principles and theories related to growth starting from the pregnancy period till the age of 16. This provides the knowledge in dealing with the children taking into consideration their age, talents, and monitoring the special needs of children and learning difficulties. In the third part, the trainees discover how to enhance children’s development in different age group by creating a safe, supportive environment and providing suitable communication and motivation methods; and how to meet their physical, social, and emotional needs.


Specialized Trainings for Caregivers (Level 1&2)

Amaan Training Center provides 3 to 5 days training programs, according to the orphanages' needs and based on the Quality Standards. The trainings target all caregivers in institutional homes as alternative mothers, supervisors, social workers, psychologists and managers. Among those trainings: ABC Care, My protection is your responsibility, Play with them and gain their trust and  How to study.



Workshops for Volunteers and Kofala

One is always encouraged to visit orphanages and institutional homes with the focus of  pleasing the children. However, we must ask ourselves upon visiting an orphanage, what is best for the child and what are the rules of this orphanage since it’s ‘their’ home. For this reason, Amaan Training Center provides workshops and awareness sessions for volunteers and Kofala about the dos and don'ts of visiting orphanages, how to communicate effectively with children, what games to play, and the basics to child protection . These workshops contribute in creating a positive relationship between the volunteer and the child, which reflects on the child's sociological needs.