Awareness and Advocacy

know me;I'm not just an orphan

Is the first campaign that aims at promoting positive perception towards orphans through understanding their psychological and social needs that we either neglect or misinterpret. The campaign introduces success figures in the world that were raising without parental care as Steve Jobs, the Poet Hafiz Ibrahim, Abdel Halim Hafiz.

Etiquette says

The campaign aims at raising awareness of needs of the orphan and how to treat him. Society participates in the campaign by sending their photos while holding a message of dos and don'ts when dealing with orphans.




Wataney society in TEDx Cairo

We all hear about "Karim" an orphan child who lives in an institutional home but not everyone knows the full story of Karim.  Yasmine El Hagry, head of Awareness and Advocacy Department in Wataneya Society, tells us the full story of Karim and Wataneya's journey in providing" Quality of care to every orphan" that began in 2008 as a success model for for social change by professionalism and knowledge.

Nahla el Nemr opens the closed doors

"If the journey that one's live and the challenges we face  just happened so I could have a positive impact on orphans similar to me , then I deserve to live such journey"  Nahla el Nemr  speaks about her journey starting with her life in an orphanage to  the closed doors she opened, and how she changed society's perception  toward orphans.