Childcare Program


Our main vision in Wataneya Society is to provide "Quality of Life for Every Orphan" Therefore; we always strive to create programs to serve this vision. When we found a tangible and positive impact on the youth of "FORSA" program, we decided the impact would be magnified if we started at an early age. For that reason, we launched the Childcare program within SANAD Project's institutions for caregivers and children from 7 to 12.

The program aims at building the capabilities of the child caregiver to expand the child's horizons, increase his social integration and develop his life skills.

The childcare program is divided into several activities done through different partnerships. These activities focus mainly on developing emotional and social skills for the child, while focusing on their multiple intelligences. 


Target Group


Program's Partnerships and activities

The activities supports the psychological, spiritual, mental, social and physical development of the child. Some of the activities of the program are are obligatory on all children enrolled in the program and some are optional after explaining all the activities to the children. 

Main Activities

  • "Ana Ghali"- "I'm precious" to protect the child's body and his privacy: a partnership was conducted with Safe Egypt to educate children on the sanctity of his body and to protect them from exposure to physical or sexual abuse.
  • "If your child asked you?" a partnership was conducted with Karakeeb Initiative to establish interactive workshops with the children about concepts, ethics, and behaviors that work on building their character at this age.

Optional Activities