Forsa Youth Development Program


Forsa is a Youth Development Program launched in 2011, aims at discovering and developing youth capabilities and to be socially integrated. Forsa program (means opportunity in English) is based on the "Assets-based approach" which looks at what humans have as strengths rather than focusing on the problems and weakness.

The program reflects Wataneya Society's belief that if orphans were given equal opportunities they will be able to play an active role in their communities. As orphans have a lot of potential, capabilities, and talents like their peers in the same age, yet they are not discovered or utilized.


The program, which extends to a year, is built on 6 core values the program aims the youth to acquire:

  • Freedom of Choice: As the main criteria of participation in the workshops of the program depends on the youth ' desire to join the program.
  • Ability to Dream: Through encouraging youth to express their dreams and empowering them to plan for it.
  • Self Confidence: Through developing their skills.
  • Experimentation: Through getting exposed to new skills.
  • Connecting with Society: By engaging volunteers and employees of Wataneya Society in the workshops.
  • Reconciliation with Oneself: Liberation from the identity stigma and accepting themselves.


Forsa Program Serves  2015-2016


The Program's Activities and Events 

Plan 2016

1. Establishing FORSA program within SANAD project to be more focused on qualifying caregivers and empowering them to design and manage mini-programs following the same methodology of Forsa program.
2. Turning and the methodology of FORSA program to a manual to be printed and published in Egypt and the Arab region to act as a reference for institutional homes.


Special Thanks to our Volunteers 

- Tamer Hassan: the first person to take the initiative of activating his studies in the international vocational qualification in promoting child development through volunteering in activities and events of the program.

- Abd El Khalek Feissal / Noha Yehia: the most influential caregivers on the youth. They play a big role in supporting the youth during the program.

- Ghada Farouk: volunteered to qualify youth for the labor market through intensive training programs
- Bassem Salah: volunteered to train youth on auditions for a talk to change society's perception in front of the audience of "FORSA to Know Us" event.