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Beit El-Helm Special Award 2017 for CSR Best practice providing "Quality of Life For Orphans In Egypt"

In recognition of the best CSR practice in supporting the orphans cause in Egypt. Wataneya Society is inviting you to apply for Beit El-Helm CSR Best practice Recognition.


In April 2015, Wataneya Society for the Development of Orphanages, in collaboration with MBC CSR (MBC Hope) and Drosos Foundation, launched Beit El Helm Award for the best institutional homes providing quality of care for children without parental care in Egypt.


As part of extending Beit el Helm award towards a further dimension, Wataneya decided to add the CSR Best Practice Recognition dimension to this award.


Accordingly, the CSR Best Practice Recognition is a special category in Beit El Helm Award dedicated for corporates who made an outstanding contribution towards the application of the Quality Standards of Alternative Care in Egypt. These standards were accredited by the Ministry of Social Solidarity in 2014.


Accordingly, Wataneya is launching a call for participation in a social responsibility recognition (Beit El Helm award) for Corporations in Egypt. This contest is aimed at acknowledging the efforts and remarkable contribution of corporations in Egypt supporting the Orphan’s cause and working on supporting a quality life for them. 


Objectives of Beit El Helm CSR Best Practice Recognition


  • Highlight dedicated and successful corporates supporting the application of the Quality of Standards among the public and media.
  • Raise public awareness about the National Quality Standards importance and highlighting the vitality of the community and corporates role in this.
  • Encourage more corporates to direct their CSR activities towards such an integral and impactful angle in the society: Quality of life for every orphan.


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* Please send the application and the required documents by email or by post mail  before the deadline 1st of November 2017

Email : wataneya@wataneya.org

Address: 3 Bayrouni St. near Baron Palace, Masr el Gedida, Cairo, Egypt