National Quality Standards for Alternative Care

After five years of field work  in collaboration with institutional homes and civil society to evaluate and improve the Quality Standards , a ministerial decree no. 188 was issued, officially mandating the "Quality Standards of Alternative Care" for institutional homes on a national level in June 2014.

Sanad Project

Sanad project is a technical support grant offered by Wataneya Society in collaboration with Drosos Foundation, aiming to develop success models for orphanages and institutional homes applying the Quality Standards for Alternative Care within 2014 - 2017.


Amaan Training Center

Is the first training center that aims at qualifying caregivers in institutional homes such as surrogate mothers, supervisors, social workers, psychologists and managers as well as volunteers and Kofalaa, according to their needs and roles.


Awareness Campaigns

Wataneya Society conducts awareness campaigns such as "Know me. I'm not just an orphan" and "Etiquette Says" to promote positive perception and raise awareness towards children and youth without parental care.