Sanad Project


Brief about the project:

Sanad project is a technical support grant offered by Wataneya Society in collaboration with
Drosos Foundation.

The aim of the project is to develop a success model (prototype) for orphanages and
institutional homes applying the ‘Quality Standards for Care’. The Ministry of Social
Solidarity issued a ministerial decree in June 2014 mandating the application of the
standards on a National level to all institutions providing alternative care.


Components of the technical support grant:

  • Capacity development for employees.
  • Children and Youth development programs.
  • Provision qualified staff.
  • Upgrading the management system.
  • Accreditation of the caregivers profession.
  • Develop resources of institutional homes.
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Project Duration

During the first year of the project, Wataneya Society selects a number of institutional homes that will participate in the project. Wataneya provides several services and programs based on the first assessment to meet the needs and capabilities of the selected institutional homes. Before the beginning of the second year of the project, Wataneya develops a second assessment to determine the best institutional homes to continue in the project. 

Commitment of institutional homes

Each institutional home is required to choose an officer from the staff of the institutional home to follow up on the execution of the participatory plan and assuring the attendance of the whole staff to the trainings and in kind contributions for the trainees that implemented the trainings.

Criteria of Selection

Institutional homes should be in Cairo or Giza only, the number of children should not exceed 50 child (Exception in case of having partnerships between this institutional home and civil society to improve it), and the number of employees should not be less than an employee for every 8 children.

Current status of the project

  • 10 institutional homes have been selected  to participate in the project. Wataneya provides the full range of services conforming to the quality standards.
  • Creation of SANAD Forum by Wataneya Society together with founders and managers of institutional homes in SANAD project. The Forum aims at creating a platform to enable practitioners in the field of alternative care to find solutions for the challenges that face children without parental care.