Developing a monitoring and evaluation system

Accredited by the Ministry of Social Solidarity in 2014, Wataneya takes pride in its development of the quality standards for care homes, as a point of reference for evaluating care homes in Egypt, as well as the application of quality standards methodology and assessment tool in collaboration with Pricewaterhousecoopers (PwC).

In 2017, Wataneya developed a training program designed to equip professional evaluators to assess the quality standards inside care homes.

Accredited in 2019, Wataneya developed the “Procedural Guide to the Alternative Families’ System” in cooperation with the FACE organization and under the supervision of the Higher Committee for Alternative Families of the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

Empowering care homes to apply Quality Standards

In 2014, Wataneya launched “Sanad” project in collaboration with Drosos, in order to highlight the success stories of care homes that apply Quality Standards.

In recognition of outstanding care homes, Wataneya launched Beit El Helm in 2015, in cooperation with Drosos and MBC-HOPE.

In 2017, Wataneya developed the children protection toolkit with reference to Quality Standards inside care homes.

Integrating youth without parental care into the community

In 2011, "FORSA" program was introduced in 2011, as the first program in Egypt that develops and boosts the confidence of youth without parental care

In 2018, Wataneya launched “Youth Forum”, a monthly forum where youth without parental care exchange experiences and sentiments.

Launch of the 'Care leavers' Independence Program to develop the after care system, in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Solidarity and Drosos Foundation in 2019.

Developing the caregivers’ profession

In 2009, Wataneya established a learning and development unit to train workers in the field of alternative care

Internationally accredited by Pearson in 2012, to provide a specialized professional certificate that promotes child and youth development.

In 2016, Wataneya's educational training process was quality assured and approved by Pearson.

Advocacy and raising awareness

In 2015, Wataneya launched "Sanad Forum" as the first forum that creates a safe space for care homes to exchange experiences. The forum has expanded to serve as a platform for dialogue and community awareness of the cause of children and youth without parental care.

Wataneya held the Sanad Regional Conference in 2019, the first conference in the field of alternative care that shed light on "after care and youth independence" as its first theme, with reference to experiments in the Arab region.

In 2021, Wataneya participated in developing a proposal for a unified alternative care law under the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

Wataneya’s Impact



Alternative care homes supported


Care home managers and caregivers trained


Children and youth reached


Individuals reached


MoSS staff trained

Wataneya works to achieve UN sustainable development goals and Egypt vision 2030

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