Wataneya believes that people with common goals and shared experience must work together to achieve their targets, which is why the Sanad Forum & Conference was created.

The Sanad Forum

The Sanad Forum was launched in 2015 to serve as a platform where alternative childcare providers in Egypt can work to collectively achieve their ultimate goal of creating a future of equal opportunities for children outside of parental care. The forum provides them the space to share their different experiences and successes, as well as coordinate their efforts to overcome challenges facing the institution of alternative childcare as a whole.  

In addition to receiving a technical grant from Wataneya, members of the Sanad Forum are given special access to staff training programs and guidance on how to replicate successful examples of quality care from around the world. Members also participate in discussions hosted by Wataneya on a range of vital topics, such as the protection of vulnerable children, identity development in children outside of parental care, and sustainable funding for institutional homes.

Comprised of only 10 institutions when it was first created in 2015, the Sanad Forum now includes 25 members after a second edition was launched in 2018.

The Sanad Conference

The Sanad Conference was created in 2018 in an effort to broaden the scope of collaboration between institutions in the Arab world, bringing together alternative childcare providers from across the region in a two-day event to discuss a range of topics relevant to their cause. Institutions will be encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise, as well as provide models of success that can be adapted.  

The first event will be held in Egypt in April 2019, under the auspices of Social Solidarity Minister Ghada Waly, and will focus on identifying ways to better prepare youth in the foster system for independence and post-institutional life. A number of groups and individuals (both directly and indirectly tied to the issue) will participate in a series of discussions on the subject that are expected to help them arrive at strategies for improvement.

To make sure that specific needs of children outside of parental care are being addressed, Wataneya is keen to include youth from the foster system in discussions at the Sanad Conference and help guide future policies in their benefit.